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Couple Of Questions About Carputers?


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Whats up? I have searched until my eyes are going cross and I'm tired of reading posts by people that have no real life experience with a carputer.

I'm doing a carputer in the van, Gonna do a 15'' touch screen in the dash, just throw an entire tower in the back behind some panels next to the batteries.

I'm being lazy and I didn't go searching for what kind of power supply steve used in Chickens.

I do know that computers run on 12 volts anyway so I'm assuming there is someway to tie in directly without having to use a power invertor?

And as for getting audio out I could just use a decent sound card with full range rca output into a crossover...correct?

But i need two video outputs, one for a 30'' flat screen in the back, and one for the touch screen monitor.

I'm getting a headache from googling all this lol.

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Just run sound from the motherboard to your amp(s), the output quality is determined by your amp(s), not the PC.


Use a video splitter cable to split the video to go to 2 monitors. Or splitter box that allows 4 more monitors.

Power supply:

PC's need a clean 12 Volts, so you can't hook it up directly to the car, you'd fry the PC. See some power supplies here.

I'd recommend the Opus 150W, depending on what kind of PC it is.

You may also want to disassemble it and make your own (smaller) case.

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