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I'm Illy - T.I. => Paper Trail -- On a 10" Type-R in my room

lol the door is rattling

2009 VW Rabbit 2-Door:

Pioneer AVH-X1600DVD

Kicker CX600.1 (Kicker "Certified" [email protected])

NVX VCW124 @2 Ohm, ~1.25 ft^3 Sealed box

Stock Doors; (4) 6.5's, (2) 4's, (4) 1" Tweets

Owner/Founder of RT Photography

Canon Traitor who moved to Fujifilm

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project pat- 90 days

2000 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner SR5

(6) Boston 6 1/2's

(4) Boston SPG555

(2) Rockford Fosgate T1000

(1) Rockford Fosgate T400


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Project Pat - Blunt to my lips

you can cook bacon shirtless if you're not a pussy...lol

not hatin, but am i wrong here it looks as if the amp is not grounded its hooked directly to the battery. it that the way it should be.



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Godsmack - Greed

Vehicle: 1997 S10 Blazer 4dr 4X4

Exterior: Rear End Bagged, Black Grill, Lifted 2"

Amplifiers: Rockford Fosgate T8004 & T10001bd

Batteries: 2 Stinger SPV35, Kinetik HC2400

Electrical: Big 3, DC Power 290amp Alternator w/ MLA at 15.5v

Enclosure: 4.2 ft³ @ 33Hz 84sq.in. of port (20sq.in. per cube)

Headunit: Eclipse CD3200 w/ 80G iPod

Mids/Highs: Rockford T152s (a-pillars), Rockford T162s (doors)

Subwoofers: 1 15" Fi BL Fully Loaded

Wire: All 1/0g Kicker Hyperflex

My YouTube Videos

My Fiberglass A-Pillar Build

My "Seamless" Looking Box Build

My DD1508 T-Line Bandpass Build "Seamless" w/ Acrylic Windows (for '05 TrailBlazer)

My Stealth 8" Fiberglass Build (for '05 TrailBlazer)

My Build For A Friend's '08 Cobalt 15" BL Sealed Off From The Trunk

My feedback/references...

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Kutt Calhoun - the whole new CD (Feature Presentation)


ROE Ref's-

Pornstar, Peas247, Speedcult, 98Tahoe,

2k1 sdime, 20blackls00, acidboy, t00sh0rt

KICKERASSMAN, TheDukey42, RapidFire89,

bass-aholic, xhilr8n , GavRiley2007, Jalat,

checkmate kstms, kingscratchie, F3RR3T,

Audiobahnfreak, + more...

SMD Ref's-

Chode69, kingsuv, pstone11, *1LOWSUV*, kbreudi, RatBass1998,

Applejack, jonathancullen89, Audioman21, Derrick824,

96saturnsl, Caps, spl explorer, littleitaly1990, tudski, sebXC,

mbdblue, j_black10, tre4chevyryda, zfrerichs...

CAC Ref's-

forceww, alex95sl2, canyouhearmatt, flores210, Anime Freak,

iamtheone, dcmcki, rcpease, jigga jatt, mytyeerinpie...

THAT IS TRUE SUB PORN...got some sexy movement and a squirter spewsmiley.gif
Subs are like titties, They need to come in pairs because ones and threes are just wrong, and larger amounts will always draw a crowd, we all have our favorite sizes, but the bigger ones are more fun to watch move. :D

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Mudvayne - Acoustic version of Forget to remember

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