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Some Motherf*cker Is Gonna Die!

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I use to have a old kicker box.

2 l7 12s in a prefab kicker box.

1 is fried stiff, the other has coils that read really high.


Ive recently cleaned my garage up a bit, and put this box in the back of my garage attic last week.

Its a pita so I had a friend help. He is the only one that knew where it was.

I went out to the garage and noticed my lights on (i dont leave them on) to get a borrowed drill out of it. Well needless to say the drill is gone.

Its just a 80 skill drill/flashlight/2 batts/charger deal.

Well I got the flashlight, the one batt on the charger, and the charger, but no drill!

And no box..

and about 50 feet of knu flex pos and 50 feet neg gone...This fucker was gonna buy the wire but why buy it when you can steal it i guess.

So this motherfucker is gonna die, and Im gonna have a new stereo up for sale I think.

2 12 inch hifonic atlas subs, and 2 1000 watt memphis amps..

This mother fucker hasnt answered my calls in the last few days and now his number is changed.

I called his boss today, and if i hear nothing back game on!



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Sounds like it's time for a good old fashioned curb check...


A half-wit gave you a piece of his mind, and you held on to it.

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Sounds like it's time for a good old fashioned curb check...


that's crazy you put that up... i just watched it again last night

edit.... sorry to hear that man... kick his ass.

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dude thats messed up!!!

why steal..... just save up your own damn money and buy it like evryone else does!!!!!

now that guys gna have get his ass beat :aggressive:

sry to hear abt that bro

but u kno where he's at ...? jus go get it back one way or the other

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Sounds like it's time for a good old fashioned curb check...


Great Movie, But on a side note back when I was in High school 2 dudes were fighing one finally got knocked down the one left stanting turtle mouthed the other one. Didn't kill the other guy but it fucked him up for life. The guy who did it was in juvie and then jail once he hit 18 for along time.

Most disturbing thing you could ever witness.

Go though the proper channels man call the police, Get a Report ect ect, Going to jail is soooo not worth it over some stereo stuff I know... I would be pissed to and I would be thinking the same things you are but in the end its just not worth doing.

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