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New Smd Street Team!

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if you have 2 by-nines for beat, please at least have an aftermarket amp :D If your proud of your system, no matter how big or small, you are eligable.

Herrie V...of COURSE my Euro brothers are welcome!

Last I checked, I was proud of how hard I worked to get my system where I am at. I busted my ass to get this equipment and pay other bills at the same time.

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I may only have 2 12"s on 1200 watts but it 'aint stock and its CUSTOM! lol

Custom 1977 Chevy Nova Show Car:

(1) Kenwood KDC-MP638U Head Unit

(10) Sony 3" in the dash

(2) Rockford Fosgate P3 12" P3D412

(1) Rockford Fosgate P1000.1bd @ 1ohm

(1) Rockford Fosgate PEQ Bass Remote

(1) Rockford Fosgate 1 Farad Digital Capacitor RFC1D

All Rockford Fosgate 4AWG Power/Ground wire

Under construction:

(2) Rockford Fosgate P162C 6.0" 2-Way Full-Range Speakers up front

(2) Rockford Fosgate P1694C 6"x9" 4-Way Full-Range Speakers in the back

EVERYTHING hidden to maintain authentic look

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just made a post with a member list....if interested, go there -post your name, screenname, and location and i will get it updated!

All SMD products available here! http://www.wccaraudio.com 

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im in ... 2 soundsplinter rl-p 18's walled in a 2 door yukon...should be finished building by next weekend and have abuild post done..

250 amp mechman alt

Sundown 100.4D

Sundown 1500v2 now goin to the cruze

Sundown ZV3 12d2

Sundown sa6.5cs X2

Kenwood X597

Trying something new

2011 Chevy Cruze



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