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Need some help deciding..

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I have a 1998 blazer ls and i need to decide on some rims i have three in mind and there in my budget range( budget range = not very much) but i have three pictures and hopefully they loaded correctly...I would like to know what you would like best on my blaze..

This is the same blazer as mine but different color mine is green... 23203324696.gif

Tell me which you favor... Thanks!







Tell me which one you like the best... Thanks!

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why not do 20s? all of the rims look good, hard to choose

2-DC 15XLM2 D.7s

1-DC 5K amp

(1) XS Power D6500(UNDERHOOD) and (1) XS3000(REAR)

3 runs 1/0ga for power and 2 runs of 1/0ga for negative.

(2)-RFT165s components, ...... 4 separate 1 inch tweetersRF T600-2(fronts) Punch 450.4(rear)

Audiocontrol 3.1.

DC power 260amp alternator w/MLA Module

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3 would be my choice

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