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Got The New Ride

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Finally got the new whip. 1994 Camaro z28 lt1 auto

first plan is to pull the LT1 and swap it into my dads truck and swap his 4.3 v6 into it.

reasoning behind this is i got the car for 1500 bucks. hes giving me a grand for the engine and trans out of car.


sold my truck for 2500

price of car 1500

sell drivetrain 1000

that leaves me 2000, 500 of that will regain access to my shop and pay some bills. the other 1500 is buying the LS1 long block with forged bottom end im getting locally. LS1 should go in after SBN

system plans are 2 Nightshade 15's on 2 sundown 3000d's on 16v. System depends on how my new job goes.







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Nice ride. Seems like where I'm from only rednecks drive camaros. Not hatin, just thinkin out loud.

'03 Ford Explorer XLT


Dem 24s? Nah nigga dem 10s - Earthman
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hows that new.. lol... but i guess to u it is.. i love the 02 ss im gettin one no matter what but congrats



"98crewcab"Never a POS....just always "a work in progress" lol that's how we roll bitches!!!

Your a lowlife kid. I bet your mother wants to kill herself for not swallowing your ass.

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