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Thanks for the info then man, that helps me make my decision. :) I'll still get it done then, it'll just be after a while when I have the money to spare for non necessities.

I wish you weren't all the way up in texarkana man, if you were closer I'd see about getting you to do it.



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Looking to get a tattoo on my side including a wave design through hot rod pinstriping.....or a simple wave with simple pinstriping around it?

if anyone can, id love some ideas/drawings...


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I actually wanted to get a tattoo and I know exactly what I want to get.. I'm wondering how I could explain to the tattoo artist easily ... And am hoping that it won't look that tacky .. You know what I mean ..

I want a tiger tattoo but not the face or paws .. Just the fur ..

It would start from my upper back and move up my neck a little bit .. I want it to look like I am part tiger part human (i'm a girl by the way so I don't want it too masculine)

Like when you seen in the movies of how a werewolf starts to change when there is a full moon.. Does anyone know what I mean..

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