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Uninterrupted Build Logs - Anyone Else Want One?

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nominate myself i have a 99 solara I installed a direct fit 360 amp alt 2 runs of power n neg big 3 1/0 and 3 batteries kinetic hc800,hc2000,and hc2400 I also have a Kenwood 7-inch touch-screen older model kvt-516  I've got Kenwood 3 ways 6.5" in the front doors  I've got Kenwood 5 way 6x9" in the rear I've got zero noise level 7 2 channel rca's I got a Kicker KX 2400 amp  2560 RMS at 2 ohms per sheet  I've got two L7s in single ported box's  2.5^3 40 hz dual 4-ohm ran simultaneously up to 8 home and Bridge back down to 4 ohm load at 1200 RMS I've got three batteries I don't have any capacitors no headlight dimmage whatsoever I built a false floor to cover the cavity for the spare was my system build

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Project in working on at moment 2 Rockford p1 15s 2ohm 2 punch 45hd an Orion 240 gx. On 8" mids I got coming which are also Rockford and alphasonik pma- 2070 for the highs in the door for a start all going in a 1977 f100 pick up



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