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I'm @ sacramento!!!!!!

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Omg I totally forgot about how mostly everyone here is north calis.  I made a thread in caraudio.com looking for spots to go to, but not much interests there. I'm over here in elk grove, ca...anyone around this area?? I wanna see some systems!! Unfortunatley I didn't drive my car though, and I was suppose to bring my termlab and a brand new usamps md2d amp, for any interested local buyers but I totally forgot to bring em. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving, and I kno this is last notice, but is there anyone around the are willing to meet up or something??

For those that don't kno, I'm from so cal of san diego.  Alright fellas hit me up asap...I have not heard one system yet this whole weekend and its killing me!!!! Hehe...alright fellas.


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im in Sac......been buried in wires (see tahoe post) the last few days and im just now winding down.  I would come see ya but its like over 1/2 hour drive away to EG so nahhh not today.  Lemme know if your gonna be a little closer maybe tomorrow and if i have nothing goin on then i may meet ya somewhere.


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