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Snapped A Few Pics Of The New Civic

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Well as many of you know, I just picked up this 2000 Honda Civic EX Auto with 81,500 miles for $2,000

It is having some sort of transmission problem that I knew about before buying it. Got it from a girl friend of mine who is pretty car illiterate so I snagged it up when she decided to sell it. In second gear from about 2000-3500 rmp is like sputters very slightly and wont pull very well, takes about 2 seconds to get through that stage then is completely fine after that. It mainly does this when going up hills from a stop or going very slow. If you are moving, you are fine. The car doesnt stall out at all and is completely drivable, But im almost possible 2nd is slipping. Friends dad who is a Honda master tech said it could be as simple as needing a trans fluid change or need a new solenoid. So not too big of a deal. Worst case is it needs a new transmission which I have a used one lined up for $500 with a 1 year warranty. I can put it in at work.

Car also needs a little body work. In the pics you can see the dent in the bumper. Someone did a hit and run on her in a parking lot. And there is also a crease in the rear quarter panel like someone just did a karate chop on the bitch. Not sure how that got there. But both can be completely repaired with some mud and repainted.

Hoping to sell this car for around $6,000 as civics are highly sought after in my area. (Baltimore) Let me know what you all think...













Here you can see the dent in the bumper



Here you can see the crease in the quarter panel


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Private party blue book in my area is $6300 for it in good condition. Dealer value is $8,000.

Carmax has similar ones in the area with same body style, Ex, same mileage, basically the same car for around $10,000

Around here people go crazy for them.

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