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For something 20+' away from the building to achieve that, it would require massive output below 10Hz, so massive, in fact, that anyone walking in the viscinity of the sound source (that non-chalant man, for instance) would be instantly in pain, or at the very least, badly startled in the same way as if a car bomb had gone off just 10' from him. Since the man had clearly just exited the store, and appeared undisturbed by these sounds, I conclude that the cause of the window shake would likely NOT have been from the auto sound system.

Equipment is equipment, a system is a system. Auto systems are rediculously inefficient with tiny sealed boxes. A large, vented box with a Hemholtz resonator tuned to 10Hz might be believeable, but not sealed boxes with drivers that are clipping badly.

this had me shitting my pants with laughter.

then im rambo bitch
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I read like 3 posts and closed it. I liked how they said the window shaking at the store couldn't happen, it was like when he shut the door.. Well it's funny how it shakes after each note is hit. Other than that my shitty lil 2 12 trunked tuned to 25 set up can flex windows and such.. You know damn well these haters don't know what they are talking about and probably have not even heard of young jeezy or rap music. Every time I watch your vids it brings tears to my eyes and I like watching it. I don't even look on youtube because I've seen a vid there with a lot of people saying it's BS. Oh well man, keep on doin what you do, you know who's right man.

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yea like they said that a person walking in the vacinity would be in discomfort blah blah blah.. the damn guy who walked out the store looked at steve for what 2 seconds and he looked like he was about to shit his pants..look at his face!!! ne way steve u have the real shit in the hoe..if i was you i would get those fags to sit in the hoe go to the same store and play the same song and then get them to reconsider their smartass asnwers to why the window was flexing. :)


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" Shit I can roll a blunt better than those bitches in Havana!"- Uncle Elroy

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Steve i'd register and post all day long, but reading a few posts they have made, Mannnn they are helpless....

1'st they thing its staged and also in one post after where u say u would be intrested about the topic

he writes "ohh this isnt a place for home audio" i was thinking how fukkin dumb can you get? who said ANYTHING about home audio?

and they dnt no JACK shit abt car audio.

man i think typing in thier forum is just a waste of time.... lmao, and also if them dumb ass's really examined the video the you cant see a door... also y do the windows FLEX then stop when the bass stops and then Flex's again when the bass comes in?

LMAO! sometimes i really wonder if reading toooooooo much makes u stupid. :blink: no offence to SMD members :lol:

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Ohh Wait! Mystry Solved!

Y particularly Mirror Like windows?

Well i'll explain why, They were specifically chosen so the person on the other side pushing the windows in and out to make it look like the windows were moving from the pressure isnt seen in anyway and that the staged video looks as real as possible! LMAO!!! lol

ROFLMFAO at those guys, lol by the way the above statement is a joke, i thought i'll try and think like them but im stupider than them hehehe

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Steve, I thought your posts on their website were absolutely hillarious. I was trying my hardest not to laugh out loud in class while reading that thread. Honestly, are those guys that retarded? Have they ever heard one rap song on a decent subwoofer before? My 8inch home theather subwoofer thats probably pushing a whopping 100 watts shakes the windows of my house with the right song. LMFAO at those idiots.







Edited by 07mazda3s

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2 ft^3 box @ 35hz

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lol wow some ppl never stop amazing me with stupidity, that was rather amusing.... I think I am gonna go listen to my 10hz tones now :P

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Mids & Highs: 4 Kicker DS 6.5 coax in doors, 2 Kicker DS coax in pillars

Highs Amp: Kicker kx250.2, kx100.2

Wire: 4 Runs 1/0 gauge Knukonceptz

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Peoples intellegence only reaches as far as there stupidy. AKA stupid is as stupid does!

To Slide Sideways Or Not To Slide Sideways?

Head unit: Pioneer AVH-5000DVDSpeakers: 4 Pionner TS-G6842R Amplifier: Alpine MRD-300Subwoofers: 10" JL

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