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no the tractor doesnt come with it lol , well i have been workin on the shop off and on and i have finaly got all the wiring done and knocked down some walls upstairs( ma office) down front is ma dad office, juss started digging a trench for the internet thats gonna run from the landlords building to ours . . . so i will have some new pixs up soon of the shop

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Looks cold... lol

This is what I need to find, but it seems everyone wants $2000+/mo around the edmonton area.. Does it have 220v? Know how thick the floors are?

yea me and ma dad are payin around $1500 a month, an yes it does have 220v and idunno how think the floors are but they seem solid so i might be able to get a hoist in there

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Nice place. $1500 a month isn't bad at all for it from what you've told us. You can stick a bed up there on top of the offices/rooms and you won't ever have to leave! I also agree with the above poster on the 4 post lift, that's if you've got the funds. If not, a 2 post will do fine. My bro and homeboy had a 2 post in a garage on just regualr cement and it held up pretty well, lifting everything from Civic hatchbacks to Chevy cargo vans. Once again, congrats.

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