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Which is better?

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I'm confused by "square and lower bass". Maybe you're thinking the square sub will make it sound deeper and lower somehow?

I agree with some of the others here, there are much better subs to choose from if you expand your brand selection to more than just JL and Kicker.


kicker over jl anyday unless ur spendin the money to get w7s

but anyways like mentioned above broaden your horizons and get somethin better


pm WCA Rusty for very fair pricing. :ph34r:



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Also look into audioque hdc3's. My 15 blows my old solobarics out of the water.

System tear out has begun...Out with the old

i have a iq of 128 i graduated at the top of my class tell me how im reatrded you are the 1 thats dumb as hell you can't even spell

Look at the underlined text hahahahahahahaha

I think of it as the virgin losing the virginity technique

not just jumping in to it, and pounding away, but going at it slowly over time, to get to that full extreme


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Well matt i dont get your whole quoting and saying x2. haha but where else can i get nice subs for that price and i stay with JL and Kicker just because its all i know about. and yeah if i had the money id just get w7's haha i helped do fiberglass on three 8" w7's and you woulda though there were three 12" in the guys trunk

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idk who would say that just because a sub is sub is square makes it louder....

solo baric l5 12" sensitivity is 86.9 db

12w3v3 sensitivity is 87.15

hope that helps... the jl's are louder than the kickers!!!

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