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I've came across this forum multiple times and not just through youtube videos by Meade or his Facebook page. I already posted up what my ride is and what progress has been made thus far with plans I have in store later. I'll put the link in my sig below soon.

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Ronnie Smith (SideShow) I posted a few pictures of my Wagon on an audio page on FB and someone told me I should check out the SMD sight and post it on here! So I started an account and did just that! I like that I can tell the whole story of a build on here and post pic by pic as I go! Also love checking out everyone elses builds and seeing the creativity & craftsmanship of others builds! Theres also a bunch of helpful information on here as well! Lot of the FB's audio pages you go on you better not ask a question cause all the smart @$$ TROLLS come out running there mouth about how much there stuff is better than yours and you don't know nothing! Haven't seen that here!!!!! I'll be sure to stick around!!!

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welcome fellow SideShow, luvin the wagon

Thanks man! She's a money pit! LOL but they all are! I've always been into old car's & I've had my FAIR share of them!

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Hey!!! My name is Mike from Washington State.
I have followed Steve for years and years on Youtube from the Honda Videos, to the Tahoe, The Caddy, his sons truck and so on.
Kinda a facebook/youtube stalker as I have loved the Information that Steve gives on his videos and finally decided to sign up.

Been in love with car audio since about 14 or so, now 16 years later it hasn't changed. Have had cars from Nissan pickups, Dodge Dakota's, Mitsubishi Eclipse's, and now an Optima. As much as I LOVE loud clean bass, never had a head splitting system. Just a "Ballin on a budget" mind set!!

I dont know if Steve reads in the Off topic, since I have just started into this forum. But I want to say that I love how respectful you are Steve to others and their work. You don't slam others for what they have and you love to help others out. I have always wanted to hear your Tahoe live and in person ( like many others)... As I travel to the Santa Rosa area a few times a year, have always want to stop in and meet the man in person!

Anyways, enough story and more posting in the forum!!!


"If it ain't broke, dont fix it"--- said no Audio guy ever!!!

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Good afternoon car audio fanatics, name is Colby, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have been a member here for quite some time, but do most of my browsing as a guest. I spend alot of my time in the summer at the sand dunes of Little Sahara state park in Waynoka, OK riding and racing ATV's. I have always been fascinated by the amazing designs and pure crazyness that comes along with the SPL area of car audio. I try to attend all the local events as I enjoy looking and listening to all the different setups and crazy ideas. I will be doing a very small build (1 10" under the rear seat of my ext. cab Silverado) in short order. Anyways, I plan to be frequenting this forum quite often and hope to learn TONS!

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Hey everyone, Joe here from Wisconsin. Been a car audio lover since I was 13 of which I am now 30. I seen a lot of Steve's videos on youtube, and while searching speakers and amps for my new build I came across this site figured I'd join as I love to talk audio, and get help in areas I lack in, So what's up everyone!

2007 Chevy Equinox

Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS

Big 3

2 runs of 2/0 Welding cable

2 - XS Power D3400 Batteries in Parallel - Fused at 250A

Alpine MRP-2000D - Temp amp.

1 - ZV4 15" Rev 1

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