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srp on new HSK's are like 420$

i think the spaces will sound good though, just cost a little more but you're getting a nicer tweeter

That's not bad.

I'll probably go talk to my car man later today to see what I can do.

Thanks bamaboy

2002 Toyota Solara SLE V6

Headunit - Pioneer DEH P3900MP

Door Speakers - Polk Audio db6501 6-1/2" 2-way

Component System

Rear Speakers - Polk Audio db691

Speaker Amp - DD C4b

Sub - 2 12" Alpine Type R's in a 2 @ 33hz

Sub Amp - DD M2A

Electrical - Big 3 - Stinger HPM 1/0 guage Wires, Optima Yellow Top Battery, 180/120 DC HO Alternator w/ MLA

Confuscious say "he who say it can't be done shouldn't be bothering man busy doing it"

Now feel free to go crawl back under that rock and leave this to the professionals....

refs: DC_Power_Kyle

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i got a hella deal on my mlk2's, no way i would be able to afford a $2500 set of speakers, but they are the best sounding speakers ive had the chance to mess with, prolly one of my fav upgrades, bad thing is most people dont know or could care less about good sound

but you have to realize there is more to it than just getting nice speakers and putting them in, without a good EQ and Time alignment it would be a waste, if i were you i would look into a processor or new HU, the new kenwood excelon units have a ton of sq stuff in them, T/a, pretty good eq, etc

04 Explorer

Kenwood DDX812

Hertz MLK2 Active

Rockford T40001bd

Rockford T6004

Rockford T4002

Rockford 3Sixty.2

4x DC LVL 4 12s

HO Alt

Summer 09': Operation pull wall out and put something smaller in...DONE!!

Build link


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are hertz high energy's loud n clear,or mostly a moderately clear sound with good midbass? i want as loud as i can get clearly and keep up wit 2 15's with a memphis pr150.2 for mids n highs, im gunna go with hertz 6&1/2 comps in front, just 1 set, i tryed just one set of my kickers in front n got pritty much nowere with them, but ive never ran hertz, but my dude sells them and is gunna do a sound board soon so i can hear all the diff kinds of speakers n see what to choose from, im leanin more twards just a good or great set of mids n highs n maby my 2 8's ina good box n leave it at that, i was lookin at the 3way set they have but i forgot what kind, i was gunna do that but i unno, i just like a clean sound wit good midbass, imo a good mids n highs setup wit good midbass sounds better than most systems with loud bass n shitty mids

i guess im gettin more n more into sq than anything else

here's a link to my system 99 toyota tacoma , 2 mtx 8000 1504's in a sealed downfire , 1000w memphis amp

here's a link to my other system my 90 geo prizm test car

heres a thread i got of new songs u can dl that are legal = Some Good Bangage/you Can Dl These Free And Legit


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