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My sub doesnt work for me, but it works for Fi

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Seriously, I would bet money you either had it wired out of phase or dead short.

This :good:

Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-P6000UB

Sub Amp:American Bass VFL 500.1

Subs: 4 Fi BL 18's

Enclosure:21.5 Cubic foot flat wall tuned to 40 hz

Batteries: 3 Kinetik 2400's in the back, Kinetik 1200 under hood.

Mids & Highs: 4 Kicker DS 6.5 coax in doors, 2 Kicker DS coax in pillars

Highs Amp: Kicker kx250.2, kx100.2

Wire: 4 Runs 1/0 gauge Knukonceptz

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im guessing the new one is d1 coils

that in parallel on an rf amp to me = amp in protect for too low a load

i thought of that too, but i think its not because he said the RF blue light is on?

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GUYS, if it was the amp then it would have either gone into protect or would not work with the other sub. the problem is either the sub or your wiring. at this point, the only way, that i see, it could be the sub is if one of the terminals on the subs are loose. might have a bad solder. so when you had the sub it wasn't connected and when fi tested it the terminal was making contact.

i know you looked 3 times at your wiring but ive seen many many times where people said they checked over and over but in the end it was still wiring. so dont rule it out.

If I answered you in a well mannered, informative way, you asked a good question or had a good attitude. If I was an asshole, you asked a stupid question or you had a fucktard attitude... or I was in a bad mood.

Team BassickHU: Pioneer AVIC Z110Front: Peerless SLS 6.5", Peerless HDS 4", Rainbow tweeter - running activeAmp: JL HD600/4 and DC 4 channel (bridged to midbass)Processor: JBL MS-8Subs: 2x 12" AA MayhemsAmp: DC 3kElectrical: DC power 270xp alt. 1/0 big 4. XSpower D3400 and six D680s.


Top career scores: DBdrag 151.7 MECA SQ 82.25My SOTM build

Yeah. im pretty sure they dont warranty retarded people.

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I think you just didnt take the time to actually trouble shoot what you did wrong, Godsmack, and Boon have the best answers

what about this, I know you cant see now, but its possible 1, just one of the terminals was installed backwards

if you flipped the sub over, and just matched color to color- when if the terminal is backwards ( sooo easy to do in the speaker manufacturing field)

it wont be hooked up as you expected it to be hooked up

I forgot to click the link on how you wired it, maybe I should go back, but it was something that came to mind

and as far as a manufacturing standpoint, that is easily over looked. Most companies test with banana plus that just plug right in to the terminal, and if it works on one terminal, then next terminal, works, its tested fine- while the whole terminal installed backwards is overlooked the whole time

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