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dam thats looking sweet!!! fucking sick keep the pics coming. now i want one like that lol

I can't stop building!!!

4 DC LeveL 4XL 18 Blow Through Re-Build
The newest addition My '97 Ford Explorer Build
My First Build 8 RF P1 12's
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oh, your a hypocrite too bro.....your mom has my name on her left tit - and you still like her dont you?

If youre masturbating to that sub already, wait until you get a real sub... I think your nutsack will shrivel up.
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Fuckin off the chain Aaron.... I bet David's lovin being your bitch right now :rofl: dasalottaneedletime..... Do work son.

A half-wit gave you a piece of his mind, and you held on to it.

My Youtube vids...enjoyDC.jpgdcsig-1.jpg2pt8a6w.png

anythings possible with the right build =] we accept visa and mastercard =]

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only 14.4? What happened to the MLA module? J/K, Looks great!!! Would love to get a tatoo like that, you got some amazing skillz! :)

Proud member of SMD

My build log

2 DDZ9518

2 DynaBel BF 8501

2 GZ Neo 8"s

[email protected] with 2 DD Z9518`s

[email protected] with 2 DD 1508`s

My youtube vids

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Killer Tat- go buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -3-0

Alpine INA-W900

Rockford Fosgate Punch 200ix

Rockford Fosgate power T1500-1

Sundown SA-10 x2

Focal 6x8's front

Rockford Fosgate Power T1682 rear

Rockford Fosgate and Stinger Wiring

Powermaster D3400, S680

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Damn David, Gots1 is hookin you up! bad ass bro!!!

and was going to say the same....lol, glued to his ear :D

06 2500hd, 6.0L, 4l80e, 4wd, (muah work truck)

7" BDS HC lift kit

(5) 37x13.5R18 Toyo Open Country M/Ts

(5) 18x10 Moto Metal MO962

tablet in lieu of deck

blue tooth interconnect to soundstream eq (for volume control and bass control)

4 Alpine type r 10's

6 cubes net, 80sqin's port, tuned to 33hz

2 brutus brx5000.5's

2 pairs 3" polk audio for a pillars

4 pairs polk audio 6.5 comps

1 pair 8" polk audio for mids

2 xspower d3400 batteries

.....learning alot from meade and his circle of some of the baddest installers ive seen- thanks guys, for not being so cocky and posting the way it should be done!

P.S. Thanks Steve....for the demo!!!! loud as fauk!

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That's a fly design.

And its hella original.


Car: 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal

24" Rims

HU: 7" Carputer, Planet Audio EQ, iPhone.

Coax: T3 Audio 4" speakers

Subs: 2x 18" T3 Audio TSNS (walled)

Sub Amp: DC 9k


T3 Audio 6x9s

MB Quarts 6.5" comp set


2nd DC 9k

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