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Mobile Solutions - SMD Member Special for October

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To all SMD Members:

Bryan has asked me to post the details of THREE specials that he is extending to all SMD Members for the month of October!

Special # 1 - Phase Detector / Generator Package - this package includes:

  • PT9A Phase Detector / Generator
  • Test CD
  • Test Leads
  • Carrying Case
Phase Detection: The PT-9A features a built-in microphone that works hand in hand with the included CD. The included CD has both in phase and out of phase pulses (in addition to 11 other useful tracks). Put the CD in your CD player, and hold the PT-9A near to the speaker your testing, and it will tell you whether the speaker is electrically in phase or electrically out of phase. This is the only way to dial in component speakers in your vehicle! Having all speakers in your system in phase with one another is the first step in getting the best overall sound from your system!

Phase Generator: The PT-9A features a built-in pulse generator for both speaker level and low level connections (such as to the inputs of an amplifier). Simply connect the red and black probes to the speaker OR to the input of the amplifier (or signal processor, etc) and you can quickly verify correct phase.

Separately, these products sell for $217.96. Buy them this month for $159.99 - a savings of $57.97! For more info, CLICK HERE.

Special # 2 - TPI Handheld Oscilloscope Package - this package includes:

  • TPI 440 Handheld Oscilloscope
  • Rubber Protective Boot
  • Nylon Carrying Case
  • 12 Volt Charger
  • AC Charger
Now . . . it goes without saying that any installer worth his salt has got to have on o-scope in his tool box. If you want to set up the gain structure of your system so that you get the maximum performance from it, then you gots' to have an o-scope! Other uses for an o-scope in today's cars are nearly endless - some of the most popular would be determining the correct wiring schemes of factory installed amplifiers when adding aftermarket amplifiers, measuring ripple of an alternator, determining the REAL clip point of any power amplifier, etc. There is no easier scope to use on the market than the TPI 440!

Separately, these products sell for $412.49. Buy them this month for $349.99 - a savings of $62.50! For more info, CLICK HERE.

Special # 3 - Sign up for the Mobile Solutions Master Tech Boot Camp in November and receive a FREE SET of Smart Templates for enrolling in October!

If you want to take your game to the next level, then attending a Master Tech Boot Camp is the ONLY WAY to go! Bryan recently moved into a much larger space and built an ALL NEW shop from the ground up. Included is a dedicated wood shop, a dedicated metal shop, and a complete installation facility! Attending a Boot Camp is a great way to learn first hand how to do it like the pros!

  • 3 Days - November 14th - 16th
  • $699.99 Admission for the 3 Days
  • $233.33 Deposit Required in October
  • FREE Smart Template Kit is the Small Oval or Small Circle kit - a $32.99 value!
CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up for the Boot Camp! CLICK HERE to see what other attendees have had to say in regards to the Boot Camp.

If you want to take advantage of ANY of the above, then call Mobile Solutions DIRECTLY at (800) 859-6493!

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hey guys, i have items #1 and #2 - you cannot go wrong with these and if your a serious installer, you should have them whether you get them from him or somewhere else -

that phase tester is AWESOME i just used mine the other day AGAIN :) The DMM/O'scope - i use it EVERY day for one reason or another!

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also got 1&2 steve. you're right. can't go wrong with these products. use them everyday.however i want to get #3 though so i can maximize the products i got from Bryan, but then i would have to fly there to the US and stuff.. been using Bryan's products for almost 4 years now. didn't mind the additional shipping cost here in the Philippines 'coz his stuff rules. just didn't get to find time for his trainings. probably next year.

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I have 1 and 2 also and just got back from his boot camp last month all i can say is it was awesome opened my eyes to so many new ideas. So if anyone is thinking about it go and do it and dont think twice about it.

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Including today, only FOUR days left on these deals! I just spoke to Bryan and he has sold 15 of the 20 spots to the November Boot Camp. If you were considering attending, now would be a good time to sign up!

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