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What kind of power do the AB amps make, TBH they look like damn Home Theater amps.

i think they do "5000" at 1 ohm but idk if it true




deepsilencer, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:32, said:

splzx3, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:27, said:

i had my fun on one of his videos...till he blocked me then i got my mother into it lol after her he closed the comments xD

lol your mom is a G! good.gif

WTF, I never thought I'd have a conversation about cross dressers and trans-genders on a car audio forum.

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omg that is an amazing car show, so many cars and those systems are very impressive. I am gonna throw this out there for all the audio companies but you have entire states out here who have never heard of you so move out here and throw some shows =D Please more pics?

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^^^^ That's all the pix i got right there.

I will have a vid up tomorrow, a little compilation of the yeep playing around after the show.


detail.gifI am a United States Military Arts and Crafts Professional. Sand it off, Paint it on. detail.gif

uhoh_45 said:
dont be a pussy P give the jeep to drew
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i thought the integra's had dc lvl5's, i see mayhems in there

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