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Death of woofer, from zip tie??

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Well, I went to make some adjustments to my system today, when I was taking the amp covers off I noticed the surrond was rubbing against a zip tie. :sorry: I am glad I caught it before it wore all the way through! Anyways, it's a lil thin there, was wondering if there is something I can put on the thin spots to fix it up? Any sudgestings welcome, and thanks in advance.



A Spacer I found in basement to give my subs an extra inch of space. (ghetti I know but, effective)



A pic of set up! And Yes I know I still have a cap in there.


dam that could of lead to some worse problems, like ripping the surround!

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Batteries: 1 Kinetic Hc2400 Battery

Electrical: STOCK Charging System! Tsunami 40farad Capacitor,

Enclosure: 8 ft³ tuned to 45Hz Interchangeable Ports(34Hz)

Headunit: STOCK! (DVD,CD,Navigation), AudioControl LC6i, AudioControl Epicenter

Mids/Highs: (4)Sets Of Focal Access Component 690 CA1, 2) Sets Of Infinity Reference Tweeter

Subwoofers: 2) 15 Power Acoustik Mofo

Wire: Multiple Runs Of 1/0 Gauge Streetwire Cable

Video: http://www.youtube.com/2treo15

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ive heard people use rubber cement

Vehicle: 1995 Impala SSHead Unit: Pioneer AVH-P4400BHMids And Highs: (still deciding)Batteries: 1 Deka Group 34

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man the surround on a type-R is a lot tougher than you think.... It will be fine ....It may not handle a boatload of power, but they are built really well, almost over built for a thousand watt sub...

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My Kulicki Box Build

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-Sundown Audio SAX100.4 - JL Audio 3 way 6.5" component set XR653-CSi ( doors and dash )

-JL Audio 2 way Component set XR650CSi

- Alpine MRD - M1005 - Alpine Type - R 12" subs -- 2 - 12" s in a Pete kulicki designed box.

-Alpine High speed Ipod cable, and KCA-SC100 with Sirius sat. radio

-All wiring is Stinger 12 gauge and HPM Level 3 RCAs, KnuKonceptz Kolossus Power and ground and Big done in 1/0,

-270 sq. ft. of Damplifier Pro, 36 sq. ft. of Overkill Pro, 6 full sheets of Luxury Liner, and a gallon of spectrum-

-2 Powermaster D680 Powercells in back

FINALLY !!! I GOT IT METERED ON THE TERMLAB !!! I did a 140.2 at 42 hertz.

Shoehorn, BFH, forklift,duct tape and some zip ties
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I have my box in the same position and I luv it

It sounds louder to me that way IMO and in my car

but I do ride with the backseat armrest down and the cover behind it down

Also guilty of this.

It makes the bass in the car sound alot better.

Rather then the full out rattle of the trunk.

just remember, there are no smart people in the world, only some less retarded than others

wow shes hot too who is she? kim petras? wheres that from...i'd buss that open

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RIP Civic :(


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I honestly thought that was a picture of my sub for a second.

My gashes are deeper than that. They happened in mid June and Ive been running the sub hard everyday and I have no ripping or anything in the surround. You should be fine.

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Sundown Audio SAX-50.4

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