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Official Gamertags Post!

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I LiViNxLoUd I ..

Got Mw3. Mw2. Mw. Halo 2. 3. Reach.

90 Nissan 240sx

Avic z-140bh

Audison SR4

Audison Voce 6.5s

CDT es-20 tweeters

Sundown 1500v3

(2) DD 9510's

3 cube box 2 6" aeros

XS Power D2400 & Xp950

Skyhigh/Knukonceptz/Rockford Fosgate wiring

More Coming Soon.. Check my builds below.

97 Civic Hatch Build

86 Caprice Build

you can pick up a chick in a car... I think it'd be hard to roll up mackin on a broad sittin on a sundown. My opinion

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my xbox name is no longer bass fr3ak and is now DR MERKENSTElN( the I is an L)

DISCLAIMER: Due to a large portion of my friends list being apart of the battlefield community, its hard for me to play with most people. i also tend to enter tunnel vision while i play. so if you send me party invites and i dont accept them dont take offense. generally if you join my game and i notice you ill invite you to my teams good.gif

this message was brought to you by Dr Merkenstein M.D.

Fusion With A Stetsom 4k2d on 2 DC XL 15s tuned to 31hz and Subs and ports forward

The Revolution Was Not Televised

But There Is This Thread(clicky)

Dr Merkenstein is my 360 gamertag and my profession. When shit gets real, call in the Doc

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My Xbox360 gamertag is: SoggyWalnut552 feel free to add me if you would like.

Success is when a stroke of luck meets up with a whole lot of hard work and preparation.

"If it has tits or tires, its gonna be a problem..."

Potential for good and greatness, the human race never fails to consistently excel in ignorance and idiocy.

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mine is JrOdIzZlE1125 on 360. i play mainly mw3 but also have mw2, black ops, and a couple other games i think forza 3, i got saints row 2..... wanna get forza 4 so bad lol. lemme know ur from here for an immediate add.

i think there real i was looking through that guys stuff he sells and it looks like he finds stuff at auctions and just sells it

Yea, it looks like someone got the mids about a month ago....shit. If I had a whole Hertz front stage my ears would jizz all over my cheeks.


My Low Budget Build:

Green 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon 147k- $1K

headunit- pioneer premier deh-p650-$25

4 Lead acid batts. 1 up front and 3 in back- vented outside.- $50

4 vvme L11 10"s <- $30 shipped a piece

6 cu. ft box (after displacment) tuned to 32ish hz with 10 inch sonotube. -about $50 all together maybe a lil more

2 aspm 1300 strapped

Selenium 6"s in the front doors on headunit power- for now -$20

quantum tweets in door-for now -$10

boston acoustic 5 1/4 in rear doors- for now-Free

big 3

1/0 and 4awg throughout.

roof sound deadened (not peel n seal ftw)-free

on 80 amp alt (bench tested to put out 100 amps faithfully) <--?-$10 for test

about $430 for everything<----Not bad at all

still gotta add 3 way crossover, amp for front and rear door speakers and maybe eq

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i only play mw3 right now but, Big Bird 20 (xbox live)

03 Santa Fe E A 200 amp alt,JVC AVX840,kenwood 6.5 fr speakers,eclipse 6.5 rears,mids/high amp XTA-2160, sub amp XTA-5000d,0 guage throughout,batts-front/1 batcap 2000,rear/ batcap4000,2 C&D Dynasty agms, subs 2 DC XL M1 15"s in a music box tuned to 28hz....for now.

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