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Rydaz1bass,Check this out

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I was just randomly searching excursions up on youtube and i came acrossed this guys profile he makes prototyped speakers extended suspension or what not but check this out it is insane!!!! HERE IS THE LINK BELOW \/

------>>>>>>> http://www.youtube.com/user/meusick#p/u/3/npdXcYMnCkQ




Ken-Wood HeadUnit

Cars interior panels Custom blue Done by ME

Pheonix Power block running both amps

Stinger pro series four gauge wire flex material


Interior lighting Blue neon bars under and around dash

Capaciter:Pyle Dryver 1.7 farad digital meter read off new(INSTALLED)



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i read in one of the descriptions that this technology is now available

Team S.M.D.

Maritime Car Audio- (2) 18" SSA ZCON D1

- American Bass 500.1

- 60 ft of 3/0

-480 Ah of battery

- (2) stock alternators (70 +90)

- Kenwood Excelon x-794, 4v preouts

car audio is just a LOT more complicated than "this amp does this power" or "this sub will be this loud". its like 2 + 2 = banana. (if that confuses you then you get the point) lol
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