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Today I shot my pa-in-laws beretta 92FS ( I think that is the model number ) 9mm. It is a little pricey but now, I wish I woulda bought that gun before I purchased my Glock .40 ....Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Glock... but that Beretta was way more accurate and felt better in my hands than my model 22 does.... In a literal side by side comparison.

Also Shot a Springfield M1 .308 rifle. Killer weapon.

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Voo Doo Blue

my upgrades and "build" thread.

My Kulicki Box Build

-Alpine 9887 head unit, KTX-100EQ imprint-( sound quality for dummies! ). - MB Quartz 3.5" in back pillars

-Sundown Audio SAX100.4 - JL Audio 3 way 6.5" component set XR653-CSi ( doors and dash )

-JL Audio 2 way Component set XR650CSi

- Alpine MRD - M1005 - Alpine Type - R 12" subs -- 2 - 12" s in a Pete kulicki designed box.

-Alpine High speed Ipod cable, and KCA-SC100 with Sirius sat. radio

-All wiring is Stinger 12 gauge and HPM Level 3 RCAs, KnuKonceptz Kolossus Power and ground and Big done in 1/0,

-270 sq. ft. of Damplifier Pro, 36 sq. ft. of Overkill Pro, 6 full sheets of Luxury Liner, and a gallon of spectrum-

-2 Powermaster D680 Powercells in back

FINALLY !!! I GOT IT METERED ON THE TERMLAB !!! I did a 140.2 at 42 hertz.

Shoehorn, BFH, forklift,duct tape and some zip ties
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Glock 19c and the Ruger SR9.

Myself I'm a Glock man, so I'd go for that... I've owned and or shot every model except for the 18 I think it is(the one with selct fire/Fullauto)...

I would say see if you have a local shop that yu can at least hold each of them and rack the slide a few times, see how they feel in your hand... Even better if you could rent them and put a few boxes of shells through each... See which one suits you best...

Also, you might want to look at the Springfield XD-Ms... I really like them... I recently bought one on an impulse as I was out looking for a Glock in .40, but the three shops I went to did not have and Glocks in Stock in.40, so after looking at everything they had, I settled for the XD-M 40.... After shooting Glocks for 15+ years, I was worried that I would not be very good with something else... Not true, picked it up and took to it right away... I was impressed with how good I did with it 1st time... I sill plan on picking up a Glock in .40 (can never have enough) but I'm not sorry I bought the XD-M at all....

One or more of the above posters said their Glock jammed on them a few times?

Not sure what thats about as I shoot mine atleast 2-3 times a month and each time out I usually put about 300-400 rounds through it...

In 15+ years, I can recall it stove piping on me once and I think that was due to crappy weak ammo and not cleaning/oiling it... I know I should have cleaned it more, but in the past I have went 6-8 mnths with heavy usage and no cleaning... Latley I've been on it better, but even with my poor habits and neglect, its not given me any reason to doubt it...

As I said above, I plan on picking up another Glock here in the near future... Its one of the only pistols on a short list that I would trust my life too.. (list would be Glock, Springfiled Arms and H&K)...

But again, its all about what fits you... Go palm a few and try to get a few boxes of rounds through'em before you make a descision...

NRA - Patron Lifetime Member

'"the right of the people to keep andand bear arms shall not be infringed"

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