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Finally made a video...

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threw it back on the meter at work, young jeezy air forces

this is what came up


150.6 on music is fine with me, i think it will manage

Edited by bamaboy

04 Explorer

Kenwood DDX812

Hertz MLK2 Active

Rockford T40001bd

Rockford T6004

Rockford T4002

Rockford 3Sixty.2

4x DC LVL 4 12s

HO Alt

Summer 09': Operation pull wall out and put something smaller in...DONE!!

Build link


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good stuff man, looks great


my system

1) us amps MD3D, us amps md21

2) kicker solo x 12 in 2.7ft^3 at 37hz

Meca scores

1 xxx12" 141.8db at 40hz,

1 18 rd alpha v.2 145 db at 38hz , 2 12 orion hp 144.9 at 43hz

Refs: hollatchaboy, schrummy, nitro_freak1,Brandon15zzz,Hellbound Train

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