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Remote controlled cars..

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Where did you get "2.5" and where did sic_fx get "3.3"? :P
Those are stock Traxxas engines that come on their RTRs.
Fuck Piston Rods, I run Brushless. :)
X2 brushless FTW
Sorry guys, don't want to buy used :P

I used to love gas ones, but since I've posted this all I've done is look around at different ones. I like the traxxes summit (electric) what do you guys think about it? :D

The Summit is nice. It is basically an E-Revo with soft suspension.

HU: Pioneer

Highs: 2X 4X6"s, 2X 3.5"s, 4X 5.25" comps, Q-Logic kicks, and a Sundown SAX-125.2

Subs: 4 Nightshade 15s and Strapped SAZ-3500Ds <---Sundown FTW good.gif

Electrical: dual DC Power 320s (ordered) and 2 D3400s up frt and 4 D2700s in the back

.ʇı ɥʇıʍ ʞɔnɟ ʇ,uɐɔ noʎ 'ʞɔıp ǝɹos ɐ ǝʞı1 sı uʍopunS


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i bought the team losi aftershock rtr. 4wd when im out at the desert i abuse this thing like no tomarrow and it never breaks iveonly broken an a-arm thats because i ran into the curb at my house :01nocomment8so: lol and blowing up the clutch bell once because a rock got stuck inbetween the gears and i dindt have the cover on. :/

1st time out


then a guy in camp bought the same one as me so i had to change mine a lil painted all the black redon the frame. new springs made the exhaust crome instead of the back.



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i just got rid of a brushless associated sc10. that thing was ridiculous, just stupid fast. the next truck i buy is gonna be an axial scx10 with the trail honcho toyota body and a bad ass brushless set up

groundpounders-sig-2.jpg 2002 Tahoe Pioneer 4300dvdFront: Pioneer Components Rear: Kicker CVT6.5 sub amp: US Amps AX2000HC @.35 front stage amp: US Amps TU4360C(tube amps FTW!!)2-18" Level Crossfire XS-SPL V.1'sCheck Out My YouTube Videos!! Click This Now!
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HPI Savage X 4.6 ftw! that has been my most reliable truck to date, bought it new and have only had to replace very minor stuff. upgrade to robinson racing hardened steel spur gear and clutch bell, get a hitec 7955 tg steering servo and a good 2.4ghz radio, and some better tires and wheels(i run proline dishes and proline bowtie tires on mine). oh and get a extra body, you'll need it, the stock one shreds pretty quick. and DO NOT run traxxas fuel, it sucks, makes the truck hard to tune. i've had awesome luck with byron's fuel(25%). i've had over 40 rc cars and trucks in the last 2 years, i've tried a little bit of everything, and savages are the best.


i had the savage x 4.1 and it had more power then you will ever need and was super fast with the 2 speed transmition. BUT i would stay away from the steel clutch and spur gears since those are made to be the weak between the engine and the trans. and they last long and work good as long as you set the mesh properly. my brother had mine wide open and hit a cement light pole and drove it away!

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Ive got a revo 2.5. (and have/had some others like a rustler and some mini-t's) Now it just sits around since im in college.

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