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that sub looks nasty in the vidz

MEMBER>>Team Pulse Car Audio

97 Z71 sierra

8" jl w0 md 400watt amp and dvd system

2000 malibu

1 18" old style btl, jl audio 1000/1v2 build in progress

My YouTube

100% positive buyer feedback on eBay mmatsjugg306 is my ID there

[topic='http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/148756-dd9515mmatsjugg-feedback/']leave me feedback hear for buying and selling[/topic]


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OMG, i have found my new love. that thing is a masterpiece. i would love to own one or better yet 2. i might just have to be patient and buy 2 when they go on sale. that would be a nice bday present lol.

currently just running a JL 12W7 and RF BD 1001

soon to come

soundstream XXX 18

Memphis mojo MCD4KW

Big azz box in tha backseat

working out other details



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Ok guys I have been breaking in the PROTO WOOFER and all i can say is WOW this thing has a ton of XMAX and alot of output!! I will try and post up videos soon,this sub is going to be a beast when broken in all the way!!!

Don't you mean Xmech? It's somewhat hard to gauge the Xmax of something by ear. Possible but not exact. Plus with 7kw... everything is just loud


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Wow I read through 10 pages,and got nothing, that's like fucking on cocaine

On 4/20/2010 at 10:06 PM, 'cc_audio' said:

Guys are just like girls, once you've had 18 inches you don't go back.

2004 GMC Yukon XL

Pioneer AVH-X4700BS

13 band EQ

Sub Amp- (2) PPI 5000BD.1

(2) Re SXX 15's 8 cu. ft. box tuned to 32 Hz

(4) 6.5 Bose Mids

(2) 1" Bose Tweets

(2) 1.5" Bose Tweets

(1) JY 80 AH w/ new JY busses

(1) Duracell 750 up front 

Apex Alternators 270

A.C. Delco 160 alternato


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Whatwould you like to know going from a level 5 18 to a level 6 18 heath gained .9 db so it sounds louder lower and clearer also the level 5 was at 1.4 ohms and the level 6 was at 1.6 for daily ran off a powerbass 5000 the level 5 is a awesome sub and was the greatest sub I had ever heard until I heard the level 6 believe it or not the level 6 beats the level 5 in every way possible.



W/1 SUB & 2AMPs

score done on a termlab mic in the kick

on the dash sealed was 154


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