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Dell ftw. i got my inspiron 1500 about two months ago for just a lil more than 500, and havnt had any problems. Plus from my experience Dell has a better customer service dept. in case you need to call for any problems or anything like that. Much beter than Hp customer service, thats the reason i switched to dell when upgrading. Hope this helps.

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Dc level 4 18

ported box 6 cubes tuned to 34 htz

1.5 cubic ft. port area

Big 3 done on 0 gauge

knukonceptz wiring throughout

kinetik in back

AQ 2200d


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try to find a mac dude ive had alot of experience with laptops and most of them get viruses fast and ppl dont know till it starts to do weird stuff. Most viruses attack the volume of your laptop its the easiest place to get to. Macs never get viruses thats why they are so much money just shop around for a used one on like craigslist or something. If you get on facebook,myspace or any instant messenger stuff of that sort then your more likely to get a virus. Macs are worth the money man


Head unit-Clarion

Mids & Highs- Oxygen Audio 5.25's

Highs Amp-ASA-600.4x

Subs- 3 15in American Bass XFL's

Sub Amps- American Bass VFL 500.1

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Yup just like Bumpmasterflex I got my Dell Inspiron 1545 w/ a 250GB/3MB RAM for $550 shipped back in October...its now up to $550 before shipping...came with Win 7...I love it and its hella fast...30 secs tops to start up the computer

I'm a cheap bastard and downloaded a fully working version of ESET Smart Security...one of the best anti-virus out there, no problems so far...I never dl from p2p sites like Limewire

I also use Tuneup Utilities 2010 to keep it running smoothly...I can help you with this program :nocomment:

Highly recommend this LT...w/ shipping at $549 it should come to a few dollars over $600

2015 Mazda 6

JVF Customz 4.0 Proto 15>Wolfram W4500 @ .5ohm

2 Sundown Neo 6.5 + 2 CT Meso Tweeters (Front) x Kicker KS6.5 (Rear)>JL Audio VX400/4i

NSB-AMG35 (front) / 40ah Lithium Headway (Rear) built by Erni Audio & Electrical

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Macs never get viruses thats why they are so much money

the reason macs dont get viruses is because like 99.99999% etc. of viruses are made for pcs not macs.

and macs are mostly used for more artsy things if im correct not that im bashing them because I do like macs.

and I would choose hp over dell is my personal opinion I currently have an hp and have had a dell desktop and laptop and didnt really like either of them.

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what is it going to be used for mostly, is the real question... gaming laptops vs just using the internet laptops are completely different

The DC Integra 3 18s to 6 15 build log

Team_DC-Derrick's Youtube

Team DC Audio

where theres a will theres a wall.......

I just realized Steve has reach Voldemort status, over on JP's site he is the one who will not be named....."We dont speak his name over here, fearing it will destroy us" LOL not even in hush tones

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