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Welcome our newest partner Audio Savings!

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Well I was going to hit up the flea market seeing my antenna adapter broke some how.. but seeing AudioSavings is a SMD partner why not buy from them.. Just put my order in!


Team Subsonic Lows

Get your garbage EMF products of my amp bitch

Man....it makes a nice work bench ;)

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I have a question, if I ordered something from you guys and it was left on my porch when nobody was home by the delivery company (on track shipping)and was subsequently swiped would I be SOL? I'm dealing with this right now with Sonic Electronix, oh and the missing item is a measly $150 amp, pretty small compared to the $1200 I have spent with them in the past 6 months.

I'm gonna give you guys a shot....I'm done with them. You guys seem to have good customer service....thats pretty important if you ask me, especially in this economy!!!

1998 SS/T Ram Build Log

- Kenwood KVT-514 and KNA-G510 Navigation

- 2 DC Level 3 12"

- Components???

- Sundown ???

- Sundown???

- Knu Konceptz

- Second Skin Dampy Pro

- XS D6500

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