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What Would You Like To See From AudioSavings?

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Guest Scylloga

Everytime I do a search the one option I want isnt there. Like searching for power wire we can select brands but not size.

The biggest thing I see is the search function needs a slight overhaul.

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The DC Integra 3 18s to 6 15 build log

Team_DC-Derrick's Youtube

Team DC Audio

where theres a will theres a wall.......

I just realized Steve has reach Voldemort status, over on JP's site he is the one who will not be named....."We dont speak his name over here, fearing it will destroy us" LOL not even in hush tones

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Shipping to South Africa with Decent Shipping rates


But for Caribbean islands, with FEDEX or any express shipping compny.

black BMW X1 2.0 l 192 hp

OEM head unit, Amplifiers Audison AP 8.9 amp with integrated DSP and Ampere Audio 1200.

Focal ES 100 K in front doors, and Dayton RS 180 for midbass under the front seats.

2 SSA DEMONS 10" subs, in a 2.6 ft3  ported box. SecondSkin Damplifier on front doors, and Luxury Liner Pro for the cargo area.


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damn 100foot spools of 0g tsunami for 179 shipped>>thats not bad at all

i gots me two of em. May be picking up a third.


1998 Chevy Silverado ext cab

Alpine CDA-9887

4 Team Fi 15s

2 Ampere Audio TFE 8.0

2 Ampere Audio 150.4

3 Digital Designs CS6.5 component sets

Dual Mechman 370XP Elite alternators inbound!

8 XS Power d3400

6 XS power d680

Second Skin


Tsunami Wiring

Sky High

A Real Voltmeter not a piece of shit stinger.

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What the hell have I been missing? I have been buying from Knukonceptz, and a few other places, then I find your deals on this site, I been over spending it looks like

I have a ritual called "terminator". I crouch in the shower in the "naked terminator" pose. With eyes closed I crouch for a minute and visualize either Arnie or the guy from the 2nd movie. I then start to hum the T2 theme. Slowly I rise to a standing position and open my eyes. It helps me get through my day. The only problem is if the shower curtain sticks to my terminator leg. It sorta ruins the fantasy.
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