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This posting is for anyone that needs a system or piece of equipment for their car but not having the cash for it is holding them back? Does this sound like this applies to you? Do not worry it applies to everyone on SMD as we all want things and do not always have the money to purchase.

Your challenge is to think of what your vehicle needs or what your vehicle wants and then the price that you can afford to pay for it. We will respond and let you know a recommendation or a solution.

For example: I got $90 to spend and I need two 12's in a box for my car. Or my interior speakers sound like crap and I have only $25 to spend what should I get?

Or I want some mobile video in my car and an in-dash dvd player but I only have $150

You all get the point! Lets see what ya'all are looknig for and what you got to spend on it and lets see if we have the deal to get it done for you!

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Browsing over the site now seeing what I need. Im browsing head units and I click on pioneer to filter out just pioneer and the sony head units come up.

Thanks for the heads up. I just tried to duplicate that issue but it worked fine. Please check again and see if it needs to work. The point of this blog is not neccessarily to view my site. It is to just let us know what it is you are looking for in general and what price you would wan tto pay for it. We will then respond with the reocmmendation for you!

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the best deal you can find for 2 61/2" RF T1652-S components please :D

If you are looking for a deal on 6.5 inch compoenents thne I have better stuff than Fosgate. For under $100 a set and some closer to $50 you can get Kicker, JL audio, Cadence , Kenwood, Alpine, Phoenix Gold, and Autotek. Check it out here! http://www.audiosavings.com/products/product-results.aspx?category_guid=7617d28f-f8fa-4c53-b172-133ce952abd6&r=3a8bd&keyword=component

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Kinetik HC600 or 800 for $50? My batcap 800 has a dead cell in it.



Team DC Audio Midwest captain

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