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Single 15 1k or more RMS, D2 coils for around 200-250.. Let's see what you got.

1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer... New setup, old ride... QX56 is staying stock til I get loud... It's only getting walled off if I don't meet my goal @ SBN.

Pioneer AVIC-N2

(12) 12" RE SXs old model.... (3) AB VFL 500.1 @ 1ohm each

Dual 300amp Ohio Gen alts.... (10) Northstar NSB-125s

26ft3 @ 33hz w/ a ton of port area

156.5 @ 40hz @ dash, Db Drag style / 153.2 Bassrace

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no space for more than 2 large batteries...but i have room down 3 sides of the tunnel for about 18 hc600 or small tempest batteries, batcap 800 or powermaster 925's....



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two kinetik 2400s for $250 shipped?

If I answered you in a well mannered, informative way, you asked a good question or had a good attitude. If I was an asshole, you asked a stupid question or you had a fucktard attitude... or I was in a bad mood.

Team BassickHU: Pioneer AVIC Z110Front: Peerless SLS 6.5", Peerless HDS 4", Rainbow tweeter - running activeAmp: JL HD600/4 and DC 4 channel (bridged to midbass)Processor: JBL MS-8Subs: 2x 12" AA MayhemsAmp: DC 3kElectrical: DC power 270xp alt. 1/0 big 4. XSpower D3400 and six D680s.


Top career scores: DBdrag 151.7 MECA SQ 82.25My SOTM build

Yeah. im pretty sure they dont warranty retarded people.

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kinetic 2400 for $200. what can you do?

R.I.P '01 blazer you treated my ears well until your transmission blew up.

New Project

[top secret]

149.0 db on music driver window open; so close

I feel some boners are fueled by viagra and not true intimacy!......if you know what i mean....

I swear... sometimes I wish I was retarded so I could just agree with everyone x.
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