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The Tahoe Got Painted! Black with Red Pearl and Black! HOT!! (imo) (TAILIGHTS TINTED pg7) FINISHED PICS PG 12 and 15

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or these taillights

Btw the paint looks killer. A real show stopper

Those are BAMF. but get those and then a layer of this on the inside then it would be sex.

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im down for tinting the tails but tinting the headlights isnt going to happen. Diamond clears FTW. Plus they are only like 2 months old and still new looking (not weatherbeat'n)

do it man. maybe they could paint match it? either way i usually dont like these paint jobs but this is siccckkk

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I say you get Roy to candy the stock tail lighs, or some stock styled tail lights.

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or these taillights

Btw the paint looks killer. A real show stopper

Those I like.

And these. Need to find some for my car!


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As stated many times, that came out very very clean. I see some posts on here about getting chrome door handles and doing things like that. Why put money into cheap accessories when the truck is clean as hell in the first place. I think painted door handles look WAY better than chrome ones on any car any paint job JMO. Good job on keepin' the whip clean and I can't get over how good those 26's look. I bet those suckers will look good when they are finally tucked with that air ride headin' down the highway flashin' with that fresh paint. One of my favorite looking tahoe's as many say "can't wait to see it all back together".

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I love how everyone is quick to say "you should do this". I think it looks sick man.

Its a little annoying when you spend the money i spend and someone tells you you should do this or that with it - especially after its already a done deal. They need to "do this or that" to their own ride really :D I dont even care if they dont like it, its not for everyone, but telling me to change out something i have $5,000 or more invested in, and you dont even have a car, is annoying LOL. Im aiight though, i got my delete button on standby.

now this may sound a bit hypocritical but....

the two above statements are sooo dead on. i also hate guys in here all up on steves jock because they don't have anything cool and want mad attention like he gets. jealous much? steve you do your thing. an i will keep watching. i got my projects but not near the flow and connections as you. so use what you got.


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i can haz secks wif truck? : ) what a sexy color, i personally hate chrome, but the paint does make them "pop" they kinda compliment each other

apparently you dont get the fact that the subaru was wrapped around a pole. and by the status of your comment, im guessing your mouth is too.

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steve tell ya what, get a weight bench in there and some dumb bells and instead of paying 24 hour fitness $15.45 a month i will pay you haha



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Tailight situation handled! Had Roy just shoot some clear mixed with black over them aka tinted.....brannnnneeewwww!! :)

they got slammed with work and roy had to handle some RV's but they are just finishing up the color sanding right now and polishing. Looks like a mirror :)



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