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home audio in a car.

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i want to put some home audio subs (little ones) in my wifes car. i am gonna try to take apart the home receiver and wire the amp into the cars electrical. my only concern is what type of power inverter should i use? it sounds dumb to do this. But, i am doing this because the home receiver is messed up and i plan on putting the JL audio 6.5" subs in her rear deck anyways. so the home subs will be like a trial and error period.



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I have no idea, sorry.

But I was thinking about this the other day, kind of...

My school has an auditorium, of course.. and in this auditorium, there are 6 "large" speakers (and 2k seats).. which are pretty good! At around half volume, you can feel (and see) stuff shaking lols and it's still clear and like I said only half volume.. so..

I want to know how they'd sound in a car :P

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