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First off Im putting this in the for sale section since this thread is about dealing with shipping a woofer you just built.

Maybe this is Sticky worthy? Maybe Not. Too many times now have I seen numerous posts about so and so scammed me, or Item didnt arrive the same as the for sale thread pictures.

If a mod/admin thinks this is in the wrong section, but I think it goes good here! :yahoo:

So now onto the tutorial!

Ive just sold a FI BL to chevytuck95 here on SMD, I no longer have the original manufactures box and packaging so the only way I felt safe with shipping a woofer and not having it be damaged was to make my own crate up quick. Yes the extra wood adds to shipping weight, but Id personal rather pay a few extra bucks in shipping and know my sold item arrives safely and in one piece, and not have my name slandered by being a scammer.

So first step is take the woofer that you sold.


Measure its size to make a shipping crate slightly bigger then the woofer (height and width measurements are needed).


My next step is cut 4 sides for the crate.




Sides mocked up


Next, im going to need some way to screw the thin wood together, here I have some old 2x2's left over from my porch railings I built on my house.


I cut 4 of them to the needed length (1 for each corner).


Every piece of wood I used got glued and screwed, glue is not really needed for a shipping crate but Id rather be safe then sorry.


Now Im going to glue and screw one 2x2 per piece of wood (repeat this step 4 times).


All 4 glued and screwed.


Now to screw all the sides together to form my shipping crate.


Test fit to make sure all my measurements are correct.


Next up, I need a baffle to screw to the 2x2s so I can mount the woofer securely inside the crate so it dont move around and damage the surrount, or shift the magnet slugs.


Again, another test fit.


Making the cutout which is 16.750 for this particular woofer. I have a home made jig to make the circle then I cut it with a jigsaw.


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Another test fit. Notice the surround is not going to rub the cover. Thats the goal!




Now Im going to go ahead and brace the baffle, glue and screw some shorted 2x2s to the side and baffle.


Now Im going to cut some longer 2x2s for the bottom of the box (more to screw into).


Here they are glued and screwed on the bottom.


Again, time for more glue before screwing the bottom on.


Bottom screwed on.


Now to make it easy for UPS to move this box around and carry it (so hopefully it dont get rolled on and off the truck do to its weight).


Now I cut some more 2x2s with 45ed edges to have more screwing service for the top of the crate.

I also put a 1/4inch piece of wood on the bottom to support the magnet. Currently there is about 1/4 of a inch left between the motor and the board I put in for magnet support.


Now I took a old PINK rag (yes it must be pink)! This will make up the 1/4inch difference and give the motor a soft resting place that will not scuff up the motor.


Now I re-installed the woofer in the new shipping crate and screwed it down with 6 screws (only used 6 because the last 2 holes would of been by the handles I made and didnt want the delivery people or buyer to get poked by a screw and get all pissed off and damage the package on purpose).


The last stop was screwing on the top board with 12 torx head screws, to prevent the box being opened by the wrong person, since its not a common screw head type like Phillips or Flathead).

I also marked on the box on every side and the top "THIS SIDE UP" with Arrows for those people who dont understand or speak English... :)


Now it is completed and ready for me to drop it off at UPS tomorrow.

It took me a little over a hour and a half due to not using my normal work facility because the new SawStop is not wired up yet, and had to use screws instead of nails because where I was at.

But I am confident my package will arrive unharmed :)

Hopefully the buyer will take a picture or 2 once he gets it to show its condition!! :good:

The only thing I did not glue was the top piece due to the fact I want it easy for the buyer to get the woofer out, and that will be done easily by removing the top 12 screws, and the 6 screws in the woofer. :yahoo:

So hopefully my post is Sticky worthy, if not I guess I PHAILED. But Ive never seen anything like this posted and thought a lot can learn from this.

If you have any comments or questions please reply!



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great tutorial. you have the same compass as me :lol:



I have 3 or 4 jasper jigs for routers, but I just wasnt working where I usually build my boxes, so I just did it old school :)

gotta stay true to your roots :yahoo:

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Sticky worthy, great example on how to ship heavy woofers. I've seen lots of threads about how woofers have gotten damaged due to poor packaging and sorry ass shipping company employees.

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haha, ied atleast of wired it up for a sec to see how it sounded in that small of a box with the handle ports lol

but hell ya, good idea on shipping a sub, i dnt even think most manufacturers go to that much detail on shipping stuff, i kno we didn't when i worked at the furniture factory, just hella Styrofoam and cardboard is all we used, just put a wood skid on bottom tho

i vote sticky too

but hook it up n see how it sounds for the hell of it lol, or not since someone already baught it dnt want to dammage it befor it shipps

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