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hey well since my subs burn i am looking to change it up a just get 1 15" but i want to try new brands and i found a brand called SPL they got a 15" sub for like $150 it says 2800 max and 1200 rms dual 2ohms ...................................( the amp i got is a audiopipe 1800D class D )

wat do you all think of these brand if i dont get these well i want a sub that can run 1ohm

just found there website i want the last one


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Get an Audioque HDC315.

I second this

Btw that was the first person. Ever banned by me while dropping a deuce. Feel privileged

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I second this

i third it

in house subwoofer system FTW but nothing special

1 12 inch lanzar vibe 1600 watts

subwoofer box tuned to 36hz

no amplifier ATM

1 350 watt antec power supply 1 300 watt antec power supply 2 other brand 300 watt power supply four in total :)

all four gauge to the soon to be amplifier

Bus bars

1 simple bass boost

Videos at www.youtube.com/walkingfreak

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I just took my hdc3 15 out. Had it for 2 years running off of a aq 1200. Loved it. You won't be diappointed with it.

System tear out has begun...Out with the old

i have a iq of 128 i graduated at the top of my class tell me how im reatrded you are the 1 thats dumb as hell you can't even spell

Look at the underlined text hahahahahahahaha

I think of it as the virgin losing the virginity technique

not just jumping in to it, and pounding away, but going at it slowly over time, to get to that full extreme


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looks good the only thing is I've never seen a woofer for that price that can handle 1400 rms thats the only thing that concerns me


06 chrysler 300C Hemi

one mmatts dreadnaut 15 powered by a planet audio vx 2200d

fosgate p200 running planet audio 8" midbass drivers and super compression tweeters

stock battery and a stinger spv44

Irragi 300 amp alternator

big 3 1/0


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First, i have heard of spl brand woofers, and im sure they should be ok.

Second, idk if i would trust that geocities / godaddy mom n pop ish site

Third, the hd3c will be a def good choice

Fourth, if your really looking for a budget 15 go grab a Power Acoustik MOFO 15" 1500w RMS for 150ish iirc they are pretty sweet indeed


2010 Hyundai Elantra

Factory Unit via 4 chan NVX LOC

Excessive Amperage "H/O" Alt

Xs D3400/ Xs XP3000

Big 3. 2 Runs of +, 2 Runs of -

DD M3b and 2 12" AQ HDC4s

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Stay away from the SPL brand subs, I ran the older model of what you are looking at and it sucked. There's some spacer thing that holds the spider that will break very easy, I went through 6 of them in about 8 months then they wouldn't warranty it for me. That, and their SQ just plan sucks.


ill leave and check it tomorrow when someone is crying, someone else is banned and thread is locked...

:insert pic of dane cook laughing:

Mechman 270 amp alt.

Pioneer DEH-P7200

Powerbass 2XL 5.25 Coax's

Powerbass 2XL 6.5 Comp's

Powerbass 2XL 6x9's

Powerbass asa400.4


Custom 18 with BTL motor

Trunked with no matting FTTTLLLLLL!!!

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