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Lownoma,Full Fiberglass dash Build

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Any chances of a blow thru? Or mainly center console going bye-bye?

Either way, this already sick truck is going to kick some major ass once you are done working your magic on it...

now hurry up with more pics :D

by the way, that truck looks clean as hell.

Ummm not tryin to be an ass but have you read the whole post?? post # 2-pics of it at his house look at the bed......not much left for a blow thru design......lol :)

Some people need a sympathetic pat... on the head...with my hammer

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Ummm not tryin to be an ass but have you read the whole post?? post # 2-pics of it at his house look at the bed......not much left for a blow thru design......lol :)


Still room for a blow through sir. Doesn't have to consume the whole bed. Could get a few cubes back there.

While it might not be able to be one of the largest/most extreme blow throughs ever, it'd be a cool way to put some large subs in the reg. cab truck.

2 18's in a regular cab Ram.

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Damn dude.

Ur givin me a BOOOOOONER with them sexy curves.

Lovin the bent 1/4".

Even tho you won't know it till it's too late-you're gonna help me with some crazy glasswork just from watchin how you do stuff.

Crazy animal.

I'm watchin this dash hardcore-get crackin :P

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