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1st gen ford focus = fast, or can get fast easily o.O

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So it's like half dark out, and I'm in front of a car going up a big hill, I'm going about 52 (speed limit 45) and this car comes from nowhere and passes me and the other 5 or so cars on the hill doing like 8 0+..I later see the same car at walmart speeding across the parking lot, and I just so happen to be leaving at the same time. He speeds off (and does about a 10 foot burnout) from the stop sign going back down the hill, but at the top it's flat for a while. I leave the stop sign right behind him and have to almost floor it to keep up with him* :pardon:

His car was rather loud, although from what I could tell it had a stock exhaust, and only a couple white stripes on it (the car was green) I dunno what (if any) other mods it has, but like I said it was kind of loud, at least for a focus.

So then we get down the hill and to the light, wait for the light to change and I might of followed him a bit, he takes off from the light (another burnout) and I have to floor it this time to keep up.

*I was driving a 96 mercury sable, with the "top of the line" engine.. like at least 50hp more than his focus. BTW, my car is an auto..

Also, his car was maybe like a 2003/2004, 4 door. I don't think it was a manual, at least it sounded auto.

Edit: If it matters, my car only has 70k miles on it.. and before I got it it was owned by an old couple who only put 50k miles on it.

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That focus probably weighs in at around 2500-2600lbs and your Sable being 3400lbs... You said he was burning out/speeding around. They are either excited that they just got the car or did some go-fast mods. Assuming those 2 scenarios.......



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Kid has a fully built and cammed Ford Focus with a Jackson Racing Supercharger and a 50 wet shot on it and its still slow like 14sec 1/4mi slow...

Vehicle: 1997 S10 Blazer 4dr 4X4

Exterior: Rear End Bagged, Black Grill, Lifted 2"

Amplifiers: Rockford Fosgate T8004 & T10001bd

Batteries: 2 Stinger SPV35, Kinetik HC2400

Electrical: Big 3, DC Power 290amp Alternator w/ MLA at 15.5v

Enclosure: 4.2 ft³ @ 33Hz 84sq.in. of port (20sq.in. per cube)

Headunit: Eclipse CD3200 w/ 80G iPod

Mids/Highs: Rockford T152s (a-pillars), Rockford T162s (doors)

Subwoofers: 1 15" Fi BL Fully Loaded

Wire: All 1/0g Kicker Hyperflex

My YouTube Videos

My Fiberglass A-Pillar Build

My "Seamless" Looking Box Build

My DD1508 T-Line Bandpass Build "Seamless" w/ Acrylic Windows (for '05 TrailBlazer)

My Stealth 8" Fiberglass Build (for '05 TrailBlazer)

My Build For A Friend's '08 Cobalt 15" BL Sealed Off From The Trunk

My feedback/references...

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Ford focus drivers have ADD

:No: :No: :No: :No: :noob::rofl:

it all about the driver i have a stock motor and i out did a charger...so maybe he was a good driver

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deepsilencer, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:32, said:

splzx3, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:27, said:

i had my fun on one of his videos...till he blocked me then i got my mother into it lol after her he closed the comments xD

lol your mom is a G! good.gif

WTF, I never thought I'd have a conversation about cross dressers and trans-genders on a car audio forum.

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:No: :No: :No: :No: :noob::rofl:

it all about the driver i have a stock motor and i out did a charger...so maybe he was a good driver

v6 charger? sure as heck wasnt a hemi cuz they can almost keep up with me and i will walk a zx3 all day long



The set up your talking about would sound great in my Tahoe. Trade you my dog for it. He has one eye but that only makes for bad depth perception so hey so what if he is running into shit, look at it this way he is easy to sneak up ninja style on. (right side only)

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