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XS Power S3400 Alt Voltage??

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If your alternator is set to charge at 15V or higher then yes you can run into problems and cut down on the life of the battery. Suggested charging voltage is 14.4 to a max of 14.9V.

Alternators will fluctuate with their charging voltages. When they are cold they will jump up into the 15V range and then drop back down into safe charge voltages when they warm up. This would be ok for charging XS Power Batteries, but if you have a regulator on your alternator and it is regulated to charge at 15V or higher, then you will cut down on the life of your battery.

How long can they be "safely" charged at 15+ volts? I'm asking because Steve Meade had an MLA Module on his and now the VCM which I saw was charging at 15.5V on his thread which I quoted here. I just got my VCM in the mail today and installed it and I have it set to 14.8V. I'm just curious.


2004 Chevy Trailblazer:

Deck: Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT

Mids: 4 Selenium 6W4P's

Highs: 2 AQ Tweeter's + 2 Crescendo Tweeters + 2 Power Acoustik NX-5 Bullet Tweeters

Highs Amp: MB Quart Onyx 4.125

Bass: 2 18" DC Audio XL's <-- Soon to be 8 Sundown SA-12's

Box: 13.37 Cu Ft @ 35 Hz with 3 8" sonotubes

Bass amps: Crescendo BC3500 @ .5 ohms (2nd one coming soon)

325a Singer Alt! 375a at 16+ volts!

2 XS Power D1400's


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