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WTB: 6 12 in Kicker Comps


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I would prefer 2007 models but let me know what you got and price shipped to 71459

i have 1 07 comp hasnt seen power yet im gonna throw it in my box to hear it. depends on how it sounds and i might sell it to you. it has a 3 year warrenty i have all the papers and documentation of it. it will cost me $20.00 to ship it to you from 98383. $90 shipped from ups. if you want look into other companies and find the cheapest shipping and ill lower the price acordingly. this is if i decide to sell.

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how much are you looking to spend i can get 6 brand new 07 models with warrentys

Alpine IDA-X200 Car Digital Media Receiver

AMP = power acoustik cpt1 2200d

SUBS = 3 re audio 10"

voodoo fuse and distribution blocks

Voodoo Power Wire

Voodoo RCA Leads

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Current Setup:

Factory HU with LOC

mids/highs-Insignia components

Sub- E8 in bass tube

Amp- sae-1200d

Show Setup:

HU-Sony MEX-1HD (brings massive respect for sony)

fronts - Infinity Kappa perfect comps

rears- Infinity Kappa coax

mid/high amp - Autotek 5600

Subs - 2 RE SE 15's

Sub Amps - 2xSAE-1200D

Box - 5cubes sealed

Wire- Lots of Knu 1/0


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