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We have 5 skids of our Black Damplifier in stock and we are blowing it out.

USe this code at the Second Skin website to take 20% off our our Damplifier Sound Deadening


Anyone that places an order over $750 on ANY of our products will get 20% of. That means your $750 order will only cost you $600.

USe this code for these large orders:


As always

Call me with any questions!



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jackpot!!! how long is the sale?!?

I don't fuck around. I go from zero to I hope you die in less than 2 posts

build log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/104524-new-subs-coming-sundown-3500d-arc-audio-cable-lacing-crescendo/

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Sweeeet :)


wow now this just shows that smd isnt just any forum. We are a brother hood.

here let me put it in retard-onix for u aareehhhh duuuurrrrr ehhh got it now?

Sweet baby jesus the amount of quoting the quote above the quote in a quote is epic

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Dang Ant, you are blowing things up.

How can anyone refuse Second Skin?

Ed Lester

ShowtimeSPL Host

Showtime Electronics Video Marketing

My old Build Log



5 time dB Drag Finalist
Last ride 2007 HHR, current dB 153.5 and bass race 149.4 dB. 153.0 dB on music

New Ride, 2008 HHR SS. Build under way.
Loudest score ever = 171dB
2009 dB Drag Racing, North American Points Champion

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damn my engine bay needs it



The set up your talking about would sound great in my Tahoe. Trade you my dog for it. He has one eye but that only makes for bad depth perception so hey so what if he is running into shit, look at it this way he is easy to sneak up ninja style on. (right side only)

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