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Shit looks dope as hell bro.. I cant wait to get a new tat..

2002 civic

2- 12in dc lvl5s

1- crescendo 3kwp ( 1 more on the way)

1- stock honda alt

4-xs d3100s

3-asa300.2 amps

6- PB 4XL's

4-PB l-3h tweets

and a bunch of other sh!t

the build


Youtube channel


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nice detail on that tat.

oh ya its all about the ass i aint trippin on the misquito bites.

I Rock 4 Doors 4 More Whores!


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more seller feedback http://www.stevemead...-slaps-yo-mama/

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looks GREAT bro.......any pics of the healed product?

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looks GREAT bro.......any pics of the healed product?

holy crap.....

hell yeah ill take some pics later my forearm is getting done sept 17 so keep an eye out same guy is doin it

Btw that was the first person. Ever banned by me while dropping a deuce. Feel privileged

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