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What makes MechMan alternators different ?

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MechMan alternators are made in the USA, with primarily US sourced parts.

We hand build each alternator specifically for the application, and how the customer plans to use their system. This means using the correct diameter pulley for min / max engine RPM, the right plug configuration, and the correct output curve for where the customer needs power the most.

For most applications, we offer alternators featuring cutting edge 6 phase hairpin stator technology. ALL of our alternators have custom designed HD rectifiers that offer much better durability than other High output alternators on the market.

Give us a call at 1-888-MECHMAN , or, visit our websites:




Here is a link explaining 6 phase hairpin stator technology: http://www.billetalternator.com/index.php/products/discover-the-6-phase-advantage.html

Here are some Videos showing what goes into our alternators:

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nobody makes an alt for my car..... :angry:

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93 Saturn SC2My system4 SA-15's Walled

2 Cerwin-Vega S2000's

3 Kinetik Hc2000's

Dual 200amp alts.

you guys done with the peepee touching contest or do I need to end it?

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OK. I got a 98 Blazer. I want a bad ass ALT. What you got?

98 Chevy Blazer 4 Door

Stock Everything

The New Setup

1 - Pioneer AVH-P5200DVD

1- Pioneer DEH-80PRS

2 - Blues Audio 5.25 Mids ( On the dash )

2 - Blues Audio BL8.0C Components ( In the front doors )

2 - Blues Audio BL8.0 Woofers ( In the rear doors )

1 - Linear Power 952 ( Dash )

1 - Linear Power 2202IQ Modified ( Components )

1 - Linear Power 3002 ( Rear Doors )

1 - SoundStream XBP-10 Processor

1 - SoundStream BX-20Z

2 - SoundStream DTR1.3400D

4 - RE Audio SX12D4


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I got my alternator a few days ago, install went smoothly and my voltage is finally where it`s supposed to be under heavy loads. Excellent costumer service and shipping time, thanks for making me a badass alt Matthew!



Proud member of SMD

My build log

2 DDZ9518

2 DynaBel BF 8501

2 GZ Neo 8"s

[email protected] with 2 DD Z9518`s

[email protected] with 2 DD 1508`s

My youtube vids

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