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What makes MechMan alternators different ?

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What makes MechMan different in my eyes is the CS and that they're honest.

I was looking for a 270a-300a alt, and its easy for a company to say yeah we can make and get you for like $500+ and it might be true that they can. BUT Matt told me that an alt that big will most likly cause the belt to slip so it would be a waste of money to even by that unit. Instead he offered me some alternatives and that's why I'm committing to getting a MechMan alt as soon as I rack up the funds.


Car: 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal

24" Rims

HU: 7" Carputer, Planet Audio EQ, iPhone.

Coax: T3 Audio 4" speakers

Subs: 2x 18" T3 Audio TSNS (walled)

Sub Amp: DC 9k


T3 Audio 6x9s

MB Quarts 6.5" comp set


2nd DC 9k

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I have to say, Matt knows his business very well. I met him at a show in Macon, GA where he gave an alt to the show to be raffled off. I talked to him right before he left about an alt for my car, a 2002 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L. This is a car that it seems no one makes aftermarket gear for. However, he knew exactly where it was located in my car and what he would have to do to make one for me, and even explained it. I have decided without a doubt that whenever I can afford an alt, he will be getting my business.

Edit: For those of you that say no one makes an alt for your car, give him a call. My car isn't on his site, yet he has told me specifically that he can and will make an alt for me that will fit the stock bracket.

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Got my alternator from Mechman and i'll be a return customer for life!!


Currently Own
4 - 18" lvl 6s (m3) w/full Carbon Fiber option

2 - DC 5k

lvl 4 motor

lvl 2 motor

On 8/2/2013 at 8:13 PM, n8ball2013 said:

this is much worse. Its old n8 without the time or patience to hold fucking hands. I'm supposed to be doing school work but yet here i am making sure jr fuck fuck isn't trying to poke the other kids with a stick.

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Mech,I haven't forgot about the PM I sent you regarding a chrome alt. for my 02' Yukon.I'll be ordering up VERY soon,expect another PM or call before I do.

i am happy with my 270 amp mechman alt i just got it monday i clamped it yesterday and its doing rated mechman ftw i will be getting a couple of xs d3400's from u guys later this year as well. You guys do some good work i will be buying from you again.


Head unit:

Valor SD-906W

Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PC


Dual XPA4640, Dual 6x9s, infinty reference 4s


18 inch DC Level 5 on a Sundown SAZ-3000D


6.5 cubes, interchangeable ports


8Osq inches @ 32Hz, 96sq inches @ 36Hz


3 batteries, 1 mechman 270 amp alt, big 3, all 0 gauge power/ground

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I got my alternator a few days ago, install went smoothly and my voltage is finally where it`s supposed to be under heavy loads. Excellent costumer service and shipping time, thanks for making me a badass alt Matthew!



Sorry if this is old but thats a nice bracket mechman made.



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