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Mechman Alternators

Need some quotes!! :) 1996 grand am 3.1

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No problem-

We have a direct bolt in large case conversion kit for $499. It does 270 amps by 1800 rpm , 165 amps at idle. It comes standard with our largest solid copper rectifier, 70 amp diodes, overdrive pulley, and oversize terminals.

We can add the adjustable voltage module for $75, but you indicator light will come on in the dash, just FYI.

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That would be OK. One of our adjustable voltage 150 amp units would help out quite a bit over the stock alternator, we could build one in the OEM housing for around $250 and it would still be durable and have good idle output.

So what's the amperage ofthe stock alt in these cars? I thought it was 105 ?

I would get the big amp you first mentioned but I'm not sure if I wanna dump $700 into this one. So what's the difference between the 150 adjustable you mentioned and the one for 449. Besides the amperage obviously ;)

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The $449 dollar unit is a large housing design, and will have almost full output at idle. A 150 amp small case unit only has about 70 amps at idle. Also, the large case kit will hold better voltage when hot than an over wound small case unit. The difference between a stock small case 105 amp unit (60 at idle) and out 150 amp large case kit is night and day.

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