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DC's Slammin Astro Panels and Lights NEW Update!!

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looking good, what freq is that first note that did the 58 or 59? i know its not 60...

I think its 45hz

impressive.. i like the fact that its musical and puts up those big numbers so far below an astro's typical peak, then again you know what you're doing lol.

guess its time to start following this again :P

Start out boxy, shape as you move along.

Dc Audio

Team Fur

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that maxlink looks good. up to how many amps can it control

My link
I love car audio so much because I will never be done. I can never win, and I will never get it finished or perfect. It always has me coming back for more, I can never get my fill of it, but I get what I need.

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are you expecting db gains from that maxxlink ?...

or just trying to control all 4 amps with 1 knob.?

i have always wanted to try them :)

if i remember right when i had mine the advantages was a single control over multiple amps and as for the line driver side of it i think it could do up to 10volts per amp output......much better than the 2-5volts most decks do. but that will only benefit you if the amp can take that much without clipping. so there is a potential for gains, but sieng that its already a beautifal 160 vehical, those gains might only be in tenths.

http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...showtopic=29213 "sleeper build"

(1) DC AUDIO Level4XL 10

(2) PowermasterD2700 batteries




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