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i hope my new set up will do close to 150 db's but i want the low tuned box for 4 12" inverted subs in a jeep cherokee. ya thing that could be achieved with 2 pa bb 2400's or 2 ap3000's?

its possible. for a tiny hair trick..

but you need a sub with bigger cone area.

like (15"+)x 4 probably.

expecially in a SUV

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Damn i guess its going to be one hell of a challenge to pull one off with this set up. I played a 35hz tone yesterday and its not to loud and after about 30 sec subs started to heat up n smell.....

12- DC Audio m2Lvl3 12's1- Hertz HSK3 way2- DC5K's2- ZX350.42- Stinger SP1500D batteries in rear3- runs of 1/0ga. to the rearTeam DC Audiodc-banner.jpgdcsoundlab.com

Quality is all in how you take pictures ;) I have plenty of projects that look WAY better on camera then in person :D

crazy to fit so many in so little. Reminds me of some of the porns I've seen?

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