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Ford F 150 dash bezel build....

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lol my bad this looks pimp like all the others... i was just trippin the first time i saw the pics bc i must of missed the part where the silver pieces were on in the beg so i was like "what the hell did he make those?" lol like ive said b4 if you didnt live so damn far, i had the money, time and another car to drive i would be more then happy to get some glassing done... im probably going to need your help though once i get my hvac controls in... ill post up at that time

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theres no such thing as too expensive when it comes to upgrades like that, because imo if you are gonna spend to upgrade then do it correctly rather then be a cheap ass ricer
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As stated b4-TRULY inspirational work.


Makes me try harder/be a better glasser.

If you dont get enough "wow" outta the recipient I have found this trick:

After its done and they say "yea, it's nice I guess" take em to a couple shops and ask those guys "could you do something like this?" ...if so...(maybe one shop would say they could w/ ur setups?) "how much would something like this run/cost?"

I kinda had the guy w/ the '88 mustang I did, feeling like an ass for paying me what he did after he asked a shop.

My cost w/parts & labor: $1200. The shop-$3500 B4 labor.

Full system...check the members/showoff section 4 details.

And that was a simple-ass thrown together install.

No fiberglass even! Just "vinyl is $$" they say.

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Guages $400+

Fiberglass/Paint $?

Brothers christmas present $PRICELESS

Dude you did awesome work. That blue paint with the silver guages looks sweet.

he already had the gauges,lol

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