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What sound dampening material I should get??

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Hey everyone! So I have been looking at Sound Dampening Material for my 02 Durango and there are so many to choose from. I have never used any of this material before but with my new project I'm working on, I'm going to need it. My goal is to be around a 155db or higher. Which brand do you guys think I should go with that is resonably priced and be best suited for my project? Thank you ahead of time for the feedback!

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Oh god!

Dude the list is endless and i can BET just about EVERYONE on here will say second skin! Why? Its some good shit!

But there is many others!

One of the most affordable is fatmat and edead from elemental designs.

Whatever you chose good luck man

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Most of the stuff out there is just nothing more than a metal damper and will work as intended to stop the panels from rattling and people seem to mistake it for sound proofing the car as thats not what its intended to do. The more expensive ones have a thicker aluminum plate than the other companies which is the main reason for the extra cost but the choice is yours as to which one to choose from. The products you want to stay away from is anything that isn't a butyl rubber compound as it won't to stick anything for long and will smell like tar for weeks.

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fatmat,secondskin,edead,dynamat,audiowrap...whatever... is there a difference...not really much... they all do what they are intended to do... it just depends on what name you want to pay for... i picked fatmat... shit is cheap and works... second skin is good shit too, but a tad more expensive... the list goes on... like i said they all do what they are intended to do or else they wouldnt still be on the market... pick what fits your budget and/or needs

/drunk rant


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you guys done with the peepee touching contest or do I need to end it?

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You should try the audio wrap I haven't had any experience w it yet but from what I've herd it sounds alot like second skin

Thanks everyone for the help. Thafreek, I see you have a Durango in your profile pic. Do you or anyone else know how many sq ft I will need to cover the ENTIRE inside (no metal exposed)? With Second Skin, I noticed to get what I'm looking for I will have to do two different types of dampening (damp pro and luxury pro). Is this the same for all other brands that everyone has mentioned as well?

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