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installation of 2006 dodge hemi charger engine *pics*

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i'll be uploading pictures as i go along with the removal and installation of a brand new long block in this 2006 dodge hemi charger let me know what you think

so this got traded in for a new car at the dealership.. i put some tires on it.. 2 weeks later i get a phone call from a salesman driving it.. motor is making weird noises.. lots of black smoke.. fuck..

preparing to remove the 5.7 liter dodge hemi charger v8


head off for inspection


holes in pistons.. hmm that is a simple diagnosis of why there was much power, and compression loss.. plus explains why it's running so shitty..


i'll have more pics later today when i do some more work on it..

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So you traded it in and they called you back and told you come get it back? Now youre replacing motor?

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wow how many miles on that thing?


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Have to love Chrysler's attention to detail in their construction of a wonderful POS....Oops i meant Car

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noms any pix of outside of car...


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