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no no no. Smurfs were shooting a gangbang scene with Smurfette in your garage. That my friend is movie prop Smurf jizz. :rofl:

god damnit, i was hoping no one would say smurfs....fuck you <_<

Legal TL scores145.6 on the dash sealed up in the low 40hz area with the port out145.5 on the dash sealed up @30hz with the port inless then 1k clamped on a 3.5k!

Why would you EVER WANT flex?
huh?...flex is what can make the lows lower and more air being pushed correct?

me_zps0fb5a5b4.jpgMy FeedbackJeep-BuildlogPT LOSER buildlog

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wait, you said you had an accord? its vtec fluid then. if you aint got no vtec workin you aint got shit son

apparently you dont get the fact that the subaru was wrapped around a pole. and by the status of your comment, im guessing your mouth is too.

Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic EX

Exterior: 55w 5k Headlights and 35w 3k JDM Fogs. Lowered. Sittin on steelies right now

Amplifiers: Rockford Fosgate P450.4

Batteries: Kinetik HC 800

Electrical: Big 3 in 1/0

Enclosure: n/a : (

Headunit: Clarion VZ409

Mids/Highs: Pheonix Gold Rsd6.5's in the Front Doors

Subwoofers: n/a : (

Wire: Knukoncepts 1/0 and 4g

Future Upgrades: 20% tint all around, GC/Koni coilovers, body work (fml) lol

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looks like blue thunder rc car nitro fuel that we use to run awhile back. try lighting it on fire like someone else said. look close thought cuz you cant see the flame really when its lit. washer fluid is also flameable but needs a high temp to get it going. do you have any rc cars or someone that lives with you who does?

2015 silverado crew cab

nothing atm but soon...

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